So you’re thinking of upgrading your patio doors, or perhaps you’ve undertaken building work and are now presented with the choice of door for your home. There are three main options that you may be considering and that’s bifold, sliding, and French doors. Whilst bifold doors are hugely popular at the moment thanks to their ability to fully open and look super stylish, this style of door might not be the right fit for your home especially if internal space is limited. So what about French doors, are they still in style and will they stand the test of time? We discuss….

Are French doors in style?

The simple answer is yes absolutely! French doors are a timeless classic but that doesn’t mean they’re old-fashioned, it just means they’ve proved that they are a fantastic option for many years, and many more to come. Our bespoke French doors remain a popular choice for our customers and with many different design styles, you can create a French door that suits your home perfectly. 

Will French doors date?

Considering they’ve been around for hundreds of years, we can safely say that French doors are a style classic and will never date. 

When did French doors become popular?

This style of double opening and hinged doors first became popular back in the 17th century in France during the renaissance period. Many chateaus used the French door due to the symmetry aspect and in order to let in natural light allowing for views of the perfectly manicured lawns and outside space. The French know what they’re talking about when it comes to style! Fast forward to today and they’re still just as popular as ever. 

Do French doors suit all property types?

Another reason why French doors are so popular is because of their versatility! They suit all styles of properties whether it’s a contemporary apartment, traditional cottage or new build. French doors will never look out of place, and they also accommodate different material types giving you plenty of options to choose from. Generally, you’ll find French doors to the rear of a property due to the high ratio of glass. 

What material do French doors come in?

French doors lend themselves to all three of our materials; timber, aluminium and alu-clad. There are also UPVC options on the market, but generally these are not a long-lasting nor very eco-friendly option. All of our materials are recyclable and our timber comes from only FSC-certified sources! 

Timber French doors – the sustainable option! Our timber French doors are strong and built to last. Choose from any RAL colour or a choice of wood stains. 

Aluminium French doors – this recyclable material is extremely durable and works well in modern properties but can also look fantastic in traditional homes too. 

Alu-clad French doors – can’t decide? Enjoy the best of both worlds with our alu-clad French doors featuring an aluminium exterior and timber interior, harnessing the benefits of both materials.

The benefits of installing French doors

Where do we start? There are so many reasons why bespoke French doors are a good idea for your home, here are just a few of them…

  • They allow extra light into your home which creates a more spacious, airy and comfortable living space.
  • Choose from three materials, with French doors you get the choice of all three options; timber, aluminium or alu-clad.
  • Our French doors are made-to-measure, ensuring the perfect fit.
  • They’re versatile, you can choose an inward or outward opening to suit your home layout. If you’re struggling for space, an outward opening is ideal.
  • Here at Kloeber you can choose from any RAL colour, making your French doors truly your own.
  • They’re super secure thanks to our multi-point locking system.
  • They look great! Last but not least, from an aesthetic perspective, French doors are a chic and sophisticated option that will look fantastic in your home for years to come.

Can I add glazing bars to French doors?

Yes, you can, this is one of our optional extras! In fact, this is a great way to add a contemporary spin to a classic style, creating a chic and stylish glazing statement in your home. Our aluminium French doors and Heritage French doors are great for recreating that New York steel-look industrial-inspired door – just check out this installation below: 

French vs bifold doors

Still need convincing? Here are a few more of our favourite customer French door installations…

French doors don’t have to be black or white! We love this pastel shade, don’t forget – our French doors are available in any RAL colour. The world is your oyster…

French patio doors

How fresh does this space look? Our French doors look oh-so chic in this well-styled countryside home.

This home perfects industrial chic with our French doors with glazing bars! Don’t they look great?

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Posted: June 21, 2022

Category: French Doors