Planning a self-build or renovating your dream home from top to bottom? Or simply looking to replace the doors and windows in your house? Timber glazing could be the perfect choice for you! Think otherwise? There are many preconceptions about timber, quite a lot of them being negative, but we want to put the rumours to rest. Timber is a great material option and here’s why…

Low maintenance

We know we know, it sounds bonkers but our timber really is low maintenance. How? We use a multi-coat microporous paint which can be easily wiped clean and stops you from having to re-paint your windows and doors annually. And the paint colour doesn’t need to be boring…all of our timber windows and doors are available in a wide range of RAL colours and wood stains…

[Slimline Timber Bifold Doors in Rose]

AND you can also pick a different colour for the inside and out so you can match your windows and doors to the exterior and interior of your home!

[Dual Colour Timber Bifold Doors]

Strong and stable

Yes, that’s right! You read that correctly, our timber is engineered which means it is super stronger and more stable than the typical timber used for windows and doors, and – to address the other elephant in the room – because of this, it DOESN’T warp!

[Timber Funky Front Door and Timber Fixed Glazing]

Making it the perfect material for large fixed glazing and front doors, like the above, and for other windows and doors too.

Low U-values = energy efficient

We know it is super important to select windows and doors that are not only cost-effective in regards to their purchase price but also in regards to how they impact on the energy efficiency of your home and the energy bills that come with this too. Look no further…all of our timber windows and doors have extremely low U-values meaning they are incredibly energy efficient and will help to keep your energy bills as low as possible – even our timber bifold doors with all those panes of glass are super duper energy efficient so you don’t have to compromise on style or design either!

[Timber KustomFold Bifold Doors]


Another amazing benefit to our timber glazing is that it is FSC certified. What does this mean? The FSC is a not-for-profit organisation which ensures that the wood being harvested for the use in such products and services like windows and doors, is being done so to the highest of environmental and social standards. Therefore, by choosing our timber glazing for your home, you are taking care of the world’s forests and, with wood being a naturally eco-friendly material, your timber windows and doors are quite simply earth-friendly.

Natural benefits

As timber is a natural material it also has “natural” characteristics that other materials just don’t have. For example, timber is naturally insulating and great at keeping the warm air in and the cold air out – there is that energy efficiency benefit again!

[Slimline Timber French Doors]

Also, not only does it bring warmth to your home in the form of heat, but it also brings a warm look and a softer appearance to your home’s design style.

Versatile – they can be modern!

Timber is not just for traditional properties either, it can really suit modern homes too, especially our timber windows and doors with more slimline frames, including these slim timber french and bifold doors in white.

[Timber French Doors With Glazing Bars and Timber Bifold Doors]

As above, our timber windows and doors are available in a whole range of RAL colours and choosing the right colour with our more slimline timber frame options can really add to the modern look and feel, just with these timber windows.

[Wooden Flush Casement Windows]

Aesthetic beauty

Timber is also great at creating a wonderful visual connection between your home and garden, bringing the outside in, so if you are looking to blend the inside and outside together with your home’s design, timber really is the way forward.

[Timber KustomFold Bifold Doors]


And another one which we can remove from the rumour mill is that timber windows and doors are less secure because all of our timber glazing is fitted with a high security multi-point locking system making them just as secure as our other material options.

[Timber FunkyFront Door and Timber Flush Casement Windows]

We hope this feature has helped you to see that timber glazing really could be the ideal choice for your home, as well as changing your mind on some of those common misconceptions. If you have any questions regarding the glazing products featured, our team will be more than happy to answer them. You can contact them by calling 01487 740044 or emailing us at

Posted: September 25, 2023

Category: Materials