We all enjoy having plenty of natural light flooding through our homes, it is often one of the most important aspects for a home buyer, a home-renovator and/or self-builder.

But did you know that just 30 minutes of sunlight a day in spring/summer is enough to give you your recommended vitamin D intake? Here are a few more reasons why natural light is important…

Boosts productivity

As an increase in natural light can improve your sleep, there is no surprise that improving the natural light can help boost your productivity – the more sleep you have, the better you feel, the more productive you are. Working from home? Make sure you sit close to a window where you can enjoy both the view and the natural light.

Reduces the risk of illness

Vitamin D is a necessary vitamin because it helps to prevent bone loss and the risk of many cancers, heart disease and weight gain so by increasing the amount of natural light you get, it can help to make you more healthy!

Reduces the need & risk of fluorescent lights

If you can make more use of the natural light available to you, you are less likely to need to sit under uncomfortable fluorescent lights, which are known to cause headaches and eye strain.

But do you have to go outside?

No, natural light helps to boost your health, both mental and physical, whether you are outside or in, so increasing your access to it can be important whether you’re at home or at work.

What about the environment?

Increasing the natural light in your home means you can benefit from being more environmentally friendly, as you will be using less electricity. Also, if you purchase the right glazing, you can also benefit from energy saving properties all year round with it keeping the heat in during the winter months too.

But how do you increase the natural light in your home?

The best way to increase the natural light in your home is to open up the space, where you can, both internally – connecting your rooms and creating an open plan living area – and externally, where your home connects with your garden or other outdoor spaces.

A great way to do this is with bifold doors as they allow you to open your space up to 90 percent aperture. We also have internal bifold doors available if you’d rather still keep some structure in your downstairs living areas without losing the ability to maximise the natural light.

Fixed glazing is also a great option if you want to increase the natural light in your home, but you’re lacking space to open glazing out or in to anywhere. It’s especially nice if you want to make a feature in your home.

Just check out this amazing aluminium fixed glazing project below…

how to improve your home

Of course, there are many more ways you can increase the natural light in your home by upgrading or adding more glazing solutions, or including them within your self-build plans. There are also other less costly ways such as introducing plenty of reflective surfaces such as mirrors and gloss kitchen surfaces. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and we wrote a full blog recently with some handy top tips, which you can find here.

If you’d like any help planning your self-build or home renovation and want some expert advice as to which of our products will be the best for your home, why not contact our team today by calling 01487 740044 or emailing us at info@kloeber.co.uk.

Posted: May 27, 2020

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