We’ve all heard the famous phrase, ‘The eyes are the window to your soul’, and when it comes to glazing, windows truly are the eyes of your home. Okay, that may be a bit cliche but choosing the right windows for your self-build home, home renovations or home improvements project is a tough job. We understand it can be a hard decision and so we have combined some of our favourite colour choices below. All from our customer’s homes, we hope these will help you get some inspiration for your own!

Before you start looking at colours, you may want to take a look at material and style options. Luckily, we have written some blogs where we compare the choices available to help you decide because although almost all of our windows can be manufactured to the RAL colour of your choice, some materials and styles are more suited to certain colours than others. So before you get your heart set on a particular colour below, why not check out our other windows blogs to make sure you’re 100% happy with your design and materials choices.

What window colour options are available?

As we have mentioned above, almost all of our windows are available in any RAL colour so to help you decide what to pick, we’re going to break down our favourites into materials and styles.

Let’s start with aluminium!

Aluminium window colour options

We have a huge range of aluminium window styles available and because aluminium is typically more modern in design, the most popular colour choices with our customers tend to be our RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey and our RAL 9005 Jet Black.

Take this customer’s home for example. You can see here how our aluminium Kustom casement windows in Anthracite Grey complement the modern design even though the interior uses wood tones throughout. You can also easily imagine how wooden windows would have matched the interior well but how this would have changed the overall look and feel and would have made it more classic in style. We do wonder if this customer ever thought about matching the light blue of the kitchen cabinets with a light blue RAL colour? This is an option with all of our aluminium windows, you can upgrade to have them powder coated in any RAL colour you wish. What do you think, would a light blue have been too much?

Just because aluminium windows are modern in design, it does not mean they are only suited to modern properties! Aluminium glazing as a whole is great at adding a contemporary twist on a more traditional property, like this cottage. By choosing a lighter RAL colour and adding glazing bars, these aluminium Kustom casement windows are the perfect mix between classic and contemporary.

Other considerations when it comes to colour are, of course, the exterior of your home and the rest of your glazing. As we saw above with our customer’s cottage, a lighter RAL colour was the perfect option to get the best of both worlds but we also really love how this customer has chosen to make even more of a statement with a mixture of aluminium French doors and fixed glazing in the RAL 9005 Jet Black. Making the most of their garden views, you can easily see how any other RAL colour would not have worked as well.

Black, greys and lighter colours are always popular among our customers choosing aluminium windows. View our other styles including our Heritage windows and our Über windows to see what these styles look like in these colours.

Timber window colour options

An obvious choice for timber windows is their natural state i.e. a wood stain and luckily we have quite a few different stain options to choose from including the ones below.

Our timber windows are available in Softwood, Meranti and Oak and some stains will look better with certain types of wood so depending on the wood you select, you may wish to speak to our team about which wood stain to pick.

We love this Mahogany stain this customer has chosen for their timber casement windows. A bit of a bolder choice when compared to something like Oak, it offers a wonderful blend between traditional and contemporary and also gives their property a bit of a continental feel – it’s as if you could be in the French Alpes with a little bit of snow!

We also really like how they have continued this stain throughout their glazing and wood cladding.

Timber doesn’t have to be traditional though. We bet you would have guessed this home’s whole frontage was bought together with aluminium glazing but no, it’s all timber, including the FunkyFront entrance door – surprise! All of our timber windows, including our timber fixed glazing featured below, can be manufactured in any RAL colour so if you like the look of aluminium but want to stick with timber, you can achieve a similar look by choosing that ever so popular RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey for your timber windows too.

Prefer a classic look but don’t want the finish of your timber to be a wood stain? Not a problem. why not pick a lighter RAL colour as this customer has with their brilliant white timber casement windows. A very traditional look and feel, we like how they have made a feature of their entrance door by adding columns on either side.

Greys and lighter colours are very popular with our customers but why not take a look at our full range of timber windows, including our timber tilt and turn windows, to see what other customers have chosen.

Looking for brighter colours?

Pinks, reds and purples

Blush pink is one of the new must-have shades for the home. A subtle pink for your windows could help you to channel the Cottagecore trend?

Yellows and oranges

Feeling really brave? This customer was with their pop of yellow…

For a more subtle touch, you could always try RAL 1024 Ochre Yellow?


Remember that customer’s light blue kitchen cabinets? The RAL 5012 Light Blue might be a little too bright but the Turquoise Blue RAL 5018 would have offered a nice contrast whilst still having a contemporary feel. If you’re not a fan of grey or black, a darker blue like RAL 5003 Saphire Blue or a lighter blue like RAL 5014 Pigeon Blue are perfect for creating similar overall styles but with a more colourful feel.


We love GREEN! We’re biased, we know but if you’re trying to incorporate a nature vibe in your home but would rather a colour over brown or a wood stain, then green – especially RAL 6013 Reed Green or RAL 6009 Fir Green – is a great solution. Which green would you pick?


Brown RAL colours can help you to create that wood effect with aluminium windows and it can also enhance the overall look and feel of timber windows too. Sometimes a stain is not bold enough when applied so choosing a brown RAL colour will really help to create a rich, warm effect.

What about Alu-Clad windows?

Our alu-clad composite windows give you the best of both worlds when it comes to colour! When you pick alu-clad composite windows you benefit from aluminium on the outside and timber on the inside which allows you to have two different colours, one to match your exterior and the other to match your interior. Here’s a perfect example!

You can see this customer has chosen to match their other glazing colour and style by choosing an alu-clad composite casement window (on the left) in the same light grey colour and the aluminium outer of the alu-clad composite windows and doors helps to create an overall contemporary feel on the exterior of the home. We love how they have maximised the natural light by adding an alu-clad composite glazed gable above their bifold doors!

Switch to the interior and the light wood stain they have chosen for the timber inner of the alu-clad composite window complements their wooden furniture and interior design beautifully. You can easily imagine how white would have worked well here too or, if the customer wanted to go a little more colourful, how a brighter RAL colour could have worked well with a bolder interior style.

We hope you’ve found this guide to your window colour options helpful. If you’d like to discuss your project and colour choices in more detail with one of our team, please contact us today by calling 01487 740044 or emailing us at info@kloeber.co.uk.

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Posted: July 22, 2021

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