Our Interactive House is a tool you can use to discover more about our product range! You can find out about frame materials and price options for all of the doors and windows on the house to give you an idea of what might work with your self-build or extension project and budget.

We also have a handy Numbered Product Guide, just click on the Green Button above so you can see all the numbered products at a glance, useful if you want to refer to a particular product during a conversation with one of our technical sales advisors.

Here’s how the Interactive House works:

  • Click on a door or window and the table will pop up
  • You will see the product name and dimensions
  • You will also find a list of frame materials that are available and the corresponding starting price for each
  • To close the table you can either click outside of the table anywhere on the page or click on the green circle, top right of the table

If you get inspired and would like some more information on our bespoke doors and windows then give us a ring on 01487 740044 or email us at info@kloeber.co.uk – we would love to help create your ideal home!

1. Duo Pitch Glazed Gable including cladding to steelwork 2. French Doors with double fixed sidelights 3. French Doors with fixed sidelights and glazing bars 4. Window with one opener and one fixed pane 5. Fixed Window Single Pane 6. Window with 2 opening panes and 4 fixed panes 7. 3-Pane Window with 2 opening panes and glazing bars 8. Single Pane Tilt & Turn Window 9. 3-Pane Tilt & Turn Window with 2 openers 10. 4-Pane Window with 2 openers 11. Mono Pitch Fixed Panel (no mullions) 12. Duo Pitched Fixed Panel 13. Mono Pitch Fixed Panel 14. Fixed Window 15. Fixed Window Quadrouple Pane 16. Tilt & Turn Full Height Window with fixed panel 17. Fixed window 18. Glazed Single Door 19. Fully Glazed Single Door with side lights and top light 20. FunkyFront Door with side light and top light 21. 3-Panel Sliding Door with all 3 panels moving 22. Fixed Window 23. 2-Panel Slider - 1 fixed,1 sliding 24. Window with 2 openers and one fixed pane 25. Window with one opening pane 26. Window with 1 opening pane and 2 fixed panes 27. FunkyFront Door with side light  28. 7-Panel Bifold Door 29. 3-Panel Bifold Door 30. French Door 31. FunkyFront Door 32. Fixed Window Triple Pane 33. Fixed Window Double Pane 34. Fixed Window Single Pane 35. FunkyFront Door with sidelights and toplight 36. Fixed Window Single Pane