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Daren Howarth and Adi Nortje had very specific design objectives for their project in Brittany and wanted to build a fully sustainable home which was open and light and invited easy movement throughout the house.

Kloeber's Eurofold set size doors offered the same quality and functionality as the Kustomfold bespoke folding sliding doors but at a more cost effective price.  Daren and Adi incorporated the standard size into their design at planning stage so that they could benefit from this saving. 

The house has integrated Kloeber Eurofold folding sliding doors so that the whole front of the property can be opened to the south terrace enabling a seamless living space in the summer months. 

Daren and Adi have since restored Plumstead Cottage, within the gounds of the Groundhouse and have recently added another set of our timber bifold doors to this cottage too.

Plumstead Cottage is available for holiday lets, visit for further details.