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You will of course have a lot of questions for us which we are more than happy to discuss.  Some of our most frequently asked questions are listed below - please click on them to see our answers:

What materials should I choose for my windows and doors?

My architect and builder have told me not to go for timber doors as they say they will warp, is this correct?

How do I get a quote?

How and when do I place an order? 

Do you do windows too?

Are your products and services suitable for self-builders?
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What are trickle vents and do I need them? 

What type of glass do you offer and what do I need for my doors and windows?

What is a u value?

Do you provide a site survey?

How do I achieve a flush threshold on my doors?

Do I still get a warranty if Kloeber don't install?

Do I have to get building regulations signoff for my new Kloeber doors and windows?

What is your warranty?