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Please note that all ex-display and second-hand stock items on this page come with a limited warranty. The products may have minor defects or damage and we highly recommend viewing before purchase as these items are all sold as seen

Aluminium Casement Window

With glass, average condition, opens outwards, one opening sash and all other windows fixed.

Colour:                    RAL 9010 White

Dimensions:           width 2190mm (opening must be 2200mm or more)

                              height: 2100mm (opening must be 2115mm or more)

Retail price:            £1282 + vat

Sale price             £295 + vat                      ref: 49449/320704

Aluminium Window

Configuration is two side hung opening lights, with two fixed (direct glazed) panels in the centre, all when viewed from outside.  Friction hinge to opening lights, with satin silver handles and two trickle vents.

Colour:                                 RAL 7044 Silk Grey

Dimensions:                         width 2986mm (opening must be 2996mm or more)

                                            height 1335mm (opening must be 1345mm or more)

Retail price:                          £1268 + vat

Sale price:                          £ 195 + vat                   ref: 49398/320439


Aluminium Window with glass

New condition. Sash is a top hung, open out window, with a single dummy sash fixed panel below (when viewed from outside).

Colour:                              RAL 6044 Silk Grey

Dimensions:                      width 995mm (opening must be 1005mm or more)

                                         height: 2345mm (opening must be 2355mm or more) 

Retail price:                       £615 + vat

Sale price:                       £195 + vat                       ref: 49396/320413

Aluminium Window

Condition unused, 12 panel window, 3 sets coupled together to make one window. Could be sold/used separately. Side hung windows with direct glazing below. Friction hinge for opening sash with satin silver. 

Colour:                                RAL 9010 Pure White - matt

Dimensions:                        width: 3488mm (opening must be 3498mm or more)

                                           height: 1850mm (opening must be 1860mm or more)

Retail price:                        £2900 + vat

Sale price:                         £195 + vat per section    ref: 50145/32760

Timber Sash Windows (non-opening)

Made from engineered softwood, these two sash windows are non-opening. They can be sold as separately or as a pair. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Colour:                   Exterior - RAL 7040 Window Grey

                               Interior - RAL 9010 Pure White

Dimensions:           width: 700mm   height: 1600mm

Retail price:             £661 + vat each                    

Sale price:             £295 + vat each            

Ref:                         KLO 66307 and KLO 66309

Aluminium KL70W Window

Top hung and split horizontally with a transom. Opaque glass units and 190mm sill included.


Colour:                    RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

Dimensions:           width 957mm

                              height: 1347mm

Retail price:            £530 + vat

Sale price             £295 + vat                      ref: 67508/515264